Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Victorian Ghost Hunters

These are characters that are part of our new project that we are doing in our bfa class. We were given 5 discriptions to use on 4 of the would be characters that live in Paris, France and were ghost hunters. We had have a blind person, scholar/historian, female, asian and one that was aaffraid of ghosts.
These still need to be touched up with a couple more passes but I thought I would share.

Fitwilliam is the leader of the group. He is a bit quirky of a character. He has always been interested in ghosts. As a child he had the ability to see ghosts, but as he got older he lost some of that innocence that let him see and communicate with them. Now he uses his education from college and his studies to invent and find ways to capture and help ghosts. He is the one that found and brought this group together.

It is said that children because of their innocence can see ghosts, Alexandrea has this ability. She is an orphan that was taken in by the group. She doesn't quite understand her abilities and therefore is affraid of what she is seeing. She wears oversized hand me down clothes to help hide herself from them. She is mainly partnered up with Fitzwilliam since he understands her the most.

This is Charles Brandon-he is my blind character that is also an amputee. He suffers from phantom limb syndrome. The ghosts are pretty friendly with him cause they see him as one of them. He uses his dogs to carry their supplies but also to be his eyes. ( I am still currently working on designing a way to draw his arm, which he still can pick things up with)

Chiyoko is the strong silent type. She is the spiritual leader of the group. With her fans she is able to turn the spirits into butterflies that will take them up to heaven.

I hope you enjoyed them. . . I am planning on still revising them and then hopefully post the revisions soon.


drawingnikki said...

really cool characters Kelly! good job!

KellyLevers said...

Thank you for the commen!