Friday, April 27, 2007

Shadow Puppet Project

We have started a new project in BFA. The assignment is to design a shadow puppet master, his cart and beast of burden. This is a pretty interesting culture in itself. Along with that we are suppose to be designing our style like that of Enrique Fernadez. He is an amazing artist and you should all check out his work.
So I came up with a story about conjoined twins that have competing shadow puppet shows. The one brother is very traditional is his method of performance down to making the puppets out of cow hide. The other brother is more of the rock n' roller. When he performs he gets so in to it sometimes, well most of the times the puppets break. The one brother gets so tired of this he finally snaps and they end up brawling. Many shadow puppet masters have assistants and these conjoined twins have a litte person as theirs who is constantly trying to keep them apart and from fighting, but you could see how he has some difficulties with this. When coming up with this story I was highly influenced by the circus people.
I haven't yet fully designed the twins and but I thought I would share with you my cart ideations and first pass at my inHouse of the cart and elephant. I wanted the cart to be a bit quirky and assymetrical to reflect their characters and the story.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

New Maquette

These are images of my latest maquette. It is not done, but almost there. Its based off one of my ghost hunters that I talked about in a previous post. I will probably do another maquette of her in the her original pose because that sells her character more. Anyways feel free to leave comments and I should have more work soon.

Monday, April 2, 2007


Hey there! So this semester we were given the opportunity to take a maquette class. When I heard of this I quickly jumped to the opportunity of taking the class. Anyways, this is our second project. There was a character in a Roald Dahl story inspired me, where it was about a pelican, monkey and a giraffe that were a window washing company. The pelican’s job because of his large beak was to carry the water. He is a goofy and somewhat clumsy character that has a hard time landing and stopping, hence the helmet. I am possibly going to paint him.