Friday, August 14, 2009

WOW its been forever!

I'm really sorry for the lack of new work on here for well, quite some time. Its pretty sad and I guess I haven't really figured out a good way to balance out personal work, actual work, and life. Hopefully, I will figure this out soon.

Since I have some free time now I have been working on a new 3D piece based off of the concept work from my last posts. I have wanted to do this for sometime and have really gotten into this piece.

This is still a work in progress. The lighting is just thrown in there and by no means finished. I still need to model the railing on the tower and have to do the plant life. I also would like to push the shape of the house more. Along with this I am planning on doing all bean stalk and all of its branches that hold up the wrest of the telescopes. I look forward to seeing how this will come out. I must say I like figuring out the puzzle of bring something from 2D into 3D. The challenge of it is so exciting.

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Mahmood said...

Your blog is very nice. The images are very beautiful. God is Great. Best wishes.